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Come in, rest your tired wrists and leave your worries behind for a spell—the internet overwhelms even the most resilient souls. Relax and calm your tired lenses for a moment on these beautiful blocks of formatted text. Specially grown for their therapeutic qualities, you know. You must be curious—curious about where you are and who I am.

I’m Adam.

I enjoy reading, writing, and thinking about science fiction. I enjoy it enough that I created Critical SF to share my interest with fellow fans and future fans alike.

Critical SF is a place where I write about the science fiction that inspires me, tickles me, and opens my eyes to new possibilities. For each post I pick a science fiction story—it can be the work of an avant-garde author, an old master or a hidden talent—then I chew it, digest it, extract its juicy essence, and write about it. What I write changes from story to story—there’s no fixed format. Sometimes I’ll write a review; other times I’ll just ooh and ahh over a single clever phrase. I’ll always devote a few comments to the authors, creative titans that they are. For some reason most authors insist that they lead boring lives unworthy of attention. Liars, each one of them.

Most of all, I love conversation! If you have anything to say, leave a comment and get the discussion rolling. Science fiction is more than just strange words bouncing to a strange rhythm—it’s a medium for expression and interaction.

Well then, did that satisfy your curiosity?

Good, I didn’t think so; enjoy your stay at Critical SF.


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